Circa81 represents an elevated lifestyle brand for fashion-forward parents who desire to define their children’s style surrounded by a timeless aesthetic. They appreciate quality in all aspects of their lives, and want to provide the best for their children. Circa81 Kids is the first component of the brand that was launched in 2016 as an online destination for children's  luxury apparel and accessories for boys and girls aged newborn to tween. The next phase of Circa81 will include decor for children’s bedrooms and play areas, women’s clothing, and a lifestyle website that will provide various resources for mothers.

Founder Amber Williams gave birth to the idea of Circa81 Kids back in 2004. She originally came up with the concept of a high-end children’s clothing destination that would be an extension of her well-dressed lifestyle growing up as a fashionable child in the Midwest. Williams always knew she would one day open her own boutique, but her own journey through motherhood inspired her to focus on creating a lifestyle brand for mothers and children.

I believe in creating an environment for children where they can be creative and develop their sense of self,” says Williams of the inspiration for the brand. “Nowadays, in the growing digital era, we are raising future tastemakers. Their earliest visual memories will impact how they view the world and how they choose to present themselves later on in their lives.”

Holding a B.A. in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing, Williams understands the importance of developing a brand. She also has over 13 years of experience in the fashion industry working in everything from retail to being a buyer to handling PR. Williams personally curates the pieces she sells in each collection to reflect her love of timeless fashion and interior design. She pays attention to international trends and follows many designers overseas to bring Circa81 Kids exclusive pieces from emerging international brands.  

Beyond clothing and decor, Circa81 strives to be a resource for the modern mother. “I’ve always been a resource for people,” explains Williams. “They come to me for advice and suggestions about everything from health to fashion, and beyond.” Her natural disposition to provide information to people influenced her to develop Circa81 as an overall brand that would provide mothers with resources, events, and advice, rather than solely a retail company.

Circa81’s goal is to become a premiere online destination that engages parents’ imagination through a curated online retail, editorial, and lifestyle experience that develops “mini tastemakers.”

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